Company Profile and Objectives

Kamber Management Company, a family owned company established over 75 year ago, invests, owns and operates commercial and retail real estate.  Kamber’s business objective is to gain equity by discerning value and growth in the acquisition of office or mixed use properties.  We employ efficient management and tenant leasing operations, and either expansion or redevelopment to realize our goals.  Kamber is committed to long standing relationships with our partners, tenants and vendors.

From business cycle to business cycle, while the market ebbs and flows, we create and invest in many different opportunities.  As purchase prices for real estate become excessive, we move easily into other investments such as mezzanine lending and redevelopment.

Our portfolio consists of more than 1 million feet of office and retail space in New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Illinois, North and South Carolina, and Texas.  Our current Manhattan interests are in Tower 45 at 120 West 45th Street and 15 West 37th Street.  Tower 45 is a Class 'A' luxury 40 story office building with boutique size floor plates just steps from Bryant Park Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Center.  15 West 37th Street is a charming, pre-war 16 story "wedding cake" style building with brand new "state of the art" passenger elevator service.  Capital programs have focused on building systems, reliability, green energy, and efficiency.  Just North of New York in bucolic Rockland County, we operate the busy neighborhood shopping center known as New City Center.

Company Outlook

Since Kamber's inception, ownership and management of Manhattan property has been its hallmark.  While we continue to invest in opportunities elsewhere, Manhattan remains our focus. Kamber's longevity and success is easily explained by 4 mainstay investment strategies: 

  1. "Buy Location"
  2. "Buy Value and Hold"
  3. "Find and Keep Tenants"
  4. "Use only modest amounts of long term, fixed rate leverage"

Kamber has maintained its competitiveness through a longstanding knowledge of building structure and systems, the Manhattan neighborhoods, and what makes a building or space useful and desirable to a tenant gives us a competitive edge and informs us on which properties will be the most productive in the current environment and in to the future.

 Our management strategies are equally poignant and are responsible for our overall growth and efficiency.  They are:

  • "Treat Partners and Employees like Family"
  • "Service Tenants with speed, efficiency and respect"
  • "Be a Leader in the betterment of the Community"
  • "Be a Leader in Technology"

 We respond to partner, lender, tenant or vendor inquiries immediately and have instant access to the most sophisticated operating information.  We use computer technology not just in building systems, but in accounting reporting communications and security, but it is the personal touch that sets us apart from the completion.