120 West 45th Street, New York, NY


South side of West 45th Street just west of Avenue of the Americas.





Lot Area

15,565 square feet

Lot Dimensions

155• x 100.42•


C6-5.5 MID

Year Built/Renovated


Number of Floors

40 plus basement (No 13th floor, includes Mezzanine)

Atrium and Lobby Entrance

A soaring 15 story atrium provides light and air to the entrance and a dramatic backlit wall welcomes tenants and guests into the building.

Building Area

458,446 rentable square feet


Steel reinforced concrete.  Slabs are 8 inches thick on the majority of the floors.  Floors with setbacks (17 and 30) are 16 inches thick.  Columns are spaced approximately 25 to 30 feet apart.


The exterior façade consists of rust-toned iron spot brick spandrels with a limestone base.

Floor Load Capacity

50 lbs. per square foot live load.

Ceiling Heights

Ceiling heights are 12' from the top of each slab to the bottom of the slab above it on floors 2 –15.  Dropped ceilings are generally 9' 6" in the perimeter offices and 8' 6" in the interior areas. The 16th floor has a 12'4" slab to slab, on floors 17–38 they are 11‘ 8", 13' 4" on the 39th floor and 17' 8" on the 40th floor.


The windows are made out of continuous thermopane insulating glass with 2.5" mullions.


Each floor has one women's and one men's bathroom.  Finishes vary throughout the building.  Floors 2, 4, 8, 14, 16, 23, 26 –28, and 36 –38 have a unisex ADA bathroom.


The main roof is a two-ply torch down Siplast roofing system.


A Honeywell, web based building management system services each floor.

Emergency Power

The building has a Caterpillar emergency generator with a 900KW capacity for Fire & Life Safety located on the 40th floor mechanical room, a 1,500 gallon diesel storage tank in the basement and a 100 gallon day tank on the roof service the generator for up to 16 hours.

Fire Protection

The building is equipped with a Comtrak 1720 Class-E system and is fully sprinklered.  The sprinklers are fed by one manual and one automatic fire pump located in the basement and a special use booster pump on the 39th floor.  All pumps were manufactured by Peerless fire pumps.


The lobby is attended at all times.  Tenants access the elevators from turnstiles with a key card access system.  CCTV surveillance covers the lobby, loading dock, public areas and entrances.

Building Staff

The building employs one Chief Engineer and three Engineers.  There are also three Day Porters.  All are members of the 32 BJ or Local 94.  The property is managed by one Property Manager.


There is a 50-car garage operated by Manhattan Parking.


There are two stairwells (East and West).  The east stairwell runs from the basement to the 40th floor and the west stairwell runs from the basement to the roof.  LL26 photo-luminescent strips are installed throughout both stairwells.  There are internal staircases from floors 20 to 21, floors 22 to 23, and floors 32 to 33.  The staircase from floors 22 to 23 is closed off.


Each floor (other than 39 and 40) has two zones which are heated and cooled by water source package heat pump units.  The interior zone utilizes two 10-ton ceiling hung units while exterior zone utilizes units at each window .

The building is equipped with a Baltimore Air Coil cooling tower that has 2 cells with 750 tons each.  It was installed in 1989 and rebuilt in 1999.  There is one VFD for each motor and one, 125 HP VFD for the closed loop condenser water pump.

Elevator Services

Vertical transportation is provided by 4 low rise (2–21) and 4 high rise (22–39) passenger elevators and one freight elevator.  The freight elevator runs from the basement to the 39th floor and is a dual passenger elevator.  The lift is provided by Armor 900 Series Controllers with GE Motors that are original to the building.  All cabs are ADA compliant.

Elevator Bank# of CarsFloors ServedCapacity (lbs.)Spped (fdm)
Low-Rise 4 2-21 2,500 700
Hight-Rise 4 22-39 2,500 700
Freight 1 Basement-39 2,500 1,200

Electrical Services

Electricity is provided by three separate ConEd services coming in from 45th Street totaling 29,600 amps at 208/110 Volts.  Each floor has one 400-amp switch providing 6-watts per square foot, connected load.  Voltage is stepped-up to 277/480 V for mechanical loads.